Head Lice Info

When it comes to head lice there are some basic things one needs to know.

First DON’T PANIC  in the big scheme of things Head Lice is definitely manageable.

Head Lice Treatment is a process there is no one time treatment. Proper follow up is crucial!

The average infestation takes between two and three weeks to clear up.

Once the adult lice have been removed you should be back to your regular routine while you are finishing up the removal process.

Children should not miss school because of head lice.

Informing school , family and friends to be on look out for lice is extrmelly beneficial.

The sooner you find head lice the easier treatment is.

Home don’t get head lice people do focus your energies on your nitpicking not your environment.

Remember any one can get head lice it is all in the timing.

(90% of the time it is head to head contact with some one who has an active infestation).