Community Services


The Greater Vancouver Lice Clinic is thrilled to provide Head Lice services and resources to communities.

Research shows that several families at any given time in any given community will be battling these annoying pests. Head lice outbreaks can spread quite easily throughout a community as they are spread by head to head contact. A close knit community offers lots of opportunities to increase the spread of these pests.

It has been proven that traditional pesticide based treatments for head lice are not effectively working on their own. Manual removal of all nits is crucial to eradicate a head lice infestation. We should also consider the use of unnecessary pesticide exposure to ourselves and the environment when treating for lice with pesticides. There are safe non-toxic options.

Communities need to promote these safe options when it comes to head lice treatment, and help to normalize the subject of head lice as well debunk the many myths associated with these annoying pests.

Greater Vancouver Lice Clinic advocates against the use of harmful pesticides and knows our best defense to lice out breaks in communities is education. Managing head lice from a community level has been proven to help prevent outbreaks.

We encourage communities to be more proactive when it comes to the spread and treatment of head lice.


Lice Clinic is ready to assist you with this important community issue. Let us help you to promote safe practices in your community. As part of our contribution to the community, we are proud to present accessible resources and education for lice removal and prevention along with a free help line.

The Lice Clinic has many solutions for communities to be proactive!

Head lice Awareness Programs

Education is truly our best defense against head lice outbreaks. There are many simple fun ways to introduce the topic of head lice into your community.

Host a Head lice awareness week or simply display a poster reminding families to screen for lice on a regular basis. Encourage safe options for treatment, add a reminder to check for head lice in the local newspaper, encourage open communication within the community.

The Lice Clinic offers fun activities for communities to promote healthy practices. We provide great packages to teach basic head lice facts and share preventive measures.

Call and have our Head Lice Specialist customize a program for your community event!

Screening Services

Don’t know what you’re looking for is it dandruff or a nit? Can’t check yourself, we can help!

Let our technicians give you a full screening and evaluation. If lice and nits are diagnosed we can provide many safe solutions for removal. Our technicians can help you immediately or set you up with the professional tools needed to be successful on your own. We can customize the best solution for you and your family.

Cost is $10.00 per head (discounts available for families of 4 or more)

Screening Training

This training program is ideal for community groups, daycare centres, camps and clubs. Trained screeners help to lessen the chance of misdiagnosis and are available to give extra support to families who may be struggling.

Training includes:

Screening etiquette, safe screening practices, confidentiality, head lice facts, how to break up the louse life cycle, preventive measures, in addition we answer all questions and help debunk the many myths associated with lice.

This service includes a mock screening session; this is a hands-on component which provides an opportunity to experience a screening session. Samples of lice and nits are provided so the trainees can familiarize themselves with these pesky critters.

Trained Screeners will have the ability to confidently maintain a successful screening program. With this session each trainee receives a head lice informational package and the community group receives a School Screening Kit. This kit includes all the tools and forms to establish an effective head lice screening program. (value $250.00)

Cost $550.00 for up to 5 people ($50.00 for each additional person)

First step is locating these pests, second step removal!

Lice and Nit Removal Services:

Removal services

Our technicians first screen all family members and determine the level of infestation. Then we proceed to break up the life cycle of the infestation by using the Wet-combing method. This method consists of manually removing all lice and their eggs (nits) from the head. This all natural approach is the safest method of removal. We use specialized tools that are designed to eliminate lice and their nits. No pesticides are needed!

Let our experienced nitpickers comfortably help you with this time consuming but necessary process. Sit back relax and let us do the work.

Depending on the length of hair and severity of infestation this service can take 1-2 hours per person.

Cost:  $68.00/hour per technician

Removal Training

As a second component to your screening training we provide training in the Wet-Combing Method of removal. This is a 100% all natural approach to removal.   It will be helpful to have volunteers trained in this method first hand. Then they can better assist families who may need some extra information and advice.

During this service our technicians cover screening practices, head lice facts, louse life cycle, preventive measures and hands on step by step instruction to the Wet-Combing method.

The trainees receive a Head Lice Removal Kit, informational package and all the confidence and knowledge to assist their organization with head lice removal. Our Head Lice Removal Kit is completely reusable. Many of our organizations have set up (loan out programs) to help cut out the cost of treatment for families in their community.

Removal Training Service $155.00 per person

(Includes Head Lice Removal Kit)


Head Lice Informational Seminar

The Head Lice Seminar is set up to provide basic information on head lice including what works and what doesn’t. Participants will learn what to look for and have their questions answered in a comfortable informal setting by our head lice specialists.

Technicians provide information on the benefits of screening for lice, share fascinating lice facts including breaking up the life cycle of the louse and teach preventive measures families can practice at home and school.

Participants have the opportunity to view actual samples of lice and nits. We provide handouts, access to resources and lice advice for families.

Seminar (1-2hrs) $275.00