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Head Lice Magnifying Visor
Head Lice Magnifying Visor.

LiceMeister© Comb
Head Lice And Nit Removal Comb.

Head Lice Removal Tools
Head Lice Removal & Screening Tools.

Other Products

Screening Sticks

  • sturdy wooden sticks, great for manipulating the hair
  • 6 inches in length
  • 1000 pcs

Price: $19.95 CAD




Head Lice Tweezer

  • rounded tip with ridges
  • finger grips for better handling
  • made of high quality metal
Price: $12.95 CAD




Head Lice Magnifying Visor (discontinued)

  • magnifies up to 4.3 X
  • 3 different levels of magnification
  • adjustable velcro strap

Price: Sale $9.95 CAD




Instructional Head Lice Screening & Removal DVD

Not sure how to screen and remove head lice?  This DVD shows you how

to properly screen; and, provides you with step-by-step instructions on the

Wet-Combing Method of removal.

Price: $7.95 CAD


Bugs in my Hair!

If you go to school, or have play dates with friends, chances are good you

might meet them someday.  Your not alone.  Lucky for you, the unwelcome bugs

in this story are so funny you will be laughing aloud.

Price: $20.00 CAD





What’s Bugging Nurse Penny?

Nurse Penny is the coolest school nurse around, and she can handle anything.

When she holds a surprise school assembly to talk about head lice, she explains

everything there  is to know about those creepy-crawly critters.

Price: $20.00 CAD






A Pesky little itch is bugging you-Uh oh!  Cooties!  What can you do?  How do you make

them go away?  How’d they get on your head anyway?  It’s not your fault they’re in your

hair.  This fun book has all the facts!

Price: $10.00 CAD





Head Lice

Head lice are small bugs that live in the hair. Learn more about

head lice, including how to treat and prevent them.  From the First Facts Health


Price: $12.00 CAD





Bugs In My Hair?!

Author Catherine Stier has taken a difficult topic and turned it into

a charming story that demystifies the fears and false information

surrounding lice infestations.

Price: $14.00 CAD





You Have Head Lice!

This Rookie Read-About® Health book introduces young readers

to head lice.  Colorful photos and simple text encourage children to

read on their own as they learn some facts about head lice.

Price: $8.00 CAD





Scritch Scratch We Have Nits

One day a tiny insect, no bigger than a freckle, climbs into Miss Calypso’s

classroom.  Nobody notices until… Polly scritches, Joshua scratches and

soon the whole class is scritching and scratching.

Price: $15.00 CAD





Scritch Scratch (French)

Written entirely in French.  Irresistibly catchy text and zany artwork.

Head lice have never been so much fun!

Price: $10.00 CAD