Head Lice Screening and Removal Tools


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Head Lice Screening & Removal Tools

You can now use the same tools our professionals use.

Manually removing all nits is the most important step to guarantee complete elimination.




We supply you with all the quality tools needed to safely screen and remove lice and their nits using the Wet-Combing Method of Removal.  All the items included can be easily sterilized, making it completely reusable.  One set of tools treats the entire family.  Guaranteed to last and can be used repeatedly.





Schools are establishing loan out programs using our Head Lice Screening and Removal Tools.  They are now able to provide extra support by helping to cut costs and offer a completely safe and all natural solution to treatment for their students and families.  The Lice Clinic is proud to assist proactive schools and offer a discount on our Screening and Removal Tools.

No pesticides are used, making it impossible for head lice to become resistant to treatment.  Be prepared and use these professional tools to regularly screen for lice.  If lice or nits are found, you have all you need to easily start the removal process right away!


Use a safe and economical choice for head lice screening and removal.



Instructional dvd now included!


Price: $69.95 CAD