The Greater Vancouver Lice Clinic believes using common sense against unnecessary pesticide exposure when treating for head lice is a no brainier. All you need to remove head lice is knowledge about their life cycle and good tools to do your nitpicking. Remember, even if you choose to use a pesticide product to address the live lice there are still the nits to remove. Cut out the use of unnecessary pesticides-instead choose manual removal.

Manual Removal or Chemical Treatments

Manual Removal:

Lice Clinic uses The Wet Combing Method of Removal.  It is completely SAFE and COST-EFFECTIVE as all one needs is a good quality lice comb. Wet-Combing focuses on breaking up the life cycle of the louse by manually combing out all live lice and their nits. Nits that hatch after the first comb- out are removed with each subsequent comb-out and before they can reproduce. It is crucial to remove every nit. If any are left they will hatch and the infestation will continue.

Chemical Treatments:

Topical pesticides, over the counter lotions, rinses and shampoos can be purchased through your pharmacy. Please take extreme caution when choosing these methods. Do not use these treatments for prevention of head lice; they are not meant to be used in this manner. Always follow instructions carefully!

These products are potentially harmful.  Permethrin, Lindane or Malathion are common pesticides used in head lice treatments. These pesticides have been linked to skin, eye, throat and respiratory irritation. In extreme cases there is the possibility of skin diseases, cancer and even death.

These treatments are not considered safe and should not be used:

alcohol, gasoline, bleach or kerosene.

Focus your energy on manual removal. You can safely remove head lice without harsh chemicals!

No matter which method you choose, manual removal is vital!


Let our professional head lice specialists assist you in this sometimes overwhelming but necessary process.

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